This wall clock was designed by Mallet-Stevens for most of the Villa Cavrois bedrooms. Wall-mounted, each of them was supplied and synchronized by a specific electrical system.


We now present a faithful reproduction. Keeping its simple design, it measures 22 cm in diameter, 2 cm thick and weighs just 770 g. It is composed of a painted steel plate and a shell of superimposed vinyl plates encasing a german-quality electronic mechanism.


The “Cavrois 2” clock can be either embedded in a wall (back diameter 17 cm) or hung (a notch is provided for this purpose). It can also be placed on the specially designed display supplied with your order.


The “Cavrois 2” clock is both hand-crafted (design, painting, assembly) and industrially produced (laser-cutting of the plate and numerals) in a short series by a Parisian workshop.


Each model has a laser-engraved “RMS” number on the back and a serial number. A nominal certificate of authenticity is issued.


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Technical data:

• Diameter: 220 mm
• Inner diameter: 170 mm
• Thickness: 20 mm
• Weight: 770 g
• UTS Quartz electronic mechanism
• LR6 battery included

Numbered edition


The product is guaranteed one year from the date of delivery.

Weight 1,2 kg